• Highly Precise Forged and Turned Brass Components
  • Brass Turned Components for Automotive Industry
  • Brass Precision Turned Components
  • Brass Precision Turned Components
  • Brass Precision Turned Components
  • Brass Precision Turned Components
  • Brass Precision Turned Components

Product Range
Brass Auto Parts
Brass Connectors
Brass Coupler
Brass Plug Pin
Brass Screw Caps
Brass Spacer or Pillers
Brass Terminals
Brass CNC Parts
Brass Lamp Holder Parts
Brass Threaded Tube and Pipes
Brass other special parts

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Krishna brass industries is developer manufacturer & exporter of all types of precision brass components. Krishna brass industrie is one of the most reputed  precision brass components manufacturer & supplier, Providing service to the well-known & reputed companies in India as well as foreign country also.

We provide the wide range of brass components like Brass turning parts, Brass screw and caps, Brass thread tubes and pipes, Brass connectors, Brass couplers, Brass Lamp Holder Parts, Brass Couplers, Brass Connectors, Brass CNC Parts and Other Special Parts etc. As per customer’s requirement or drawing. Our products are manufactured by a premium grad raw material and with the latest technology.

Product features like high quality, accuracy, fine finish, national and international standard, cost effectiveness, available in various sizes, design shapes and dimensions, good packing  and commited delivery schedule.

Quality products:

Quality is our first resposibility to our customers who belive strongly in our products and quality.

Competitive pricing stucture:
we belive that “price is a key to sales success”.

In time despatch :
Our continue observation of demand and supply enable us to provide right product at right time.

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